IT systems for logistics of small- and medium-sized enterprises

PPUH Zrembud Sp. z o.o. offers IT systems to support warehouses of small- and medium-sized enterprises. Our systems are perfectly customised to meet the customers' needs.

If you are an entrepreneur offering logistics services or warehouses, and you need the right software, our IT Department will solve all your problems.

Basic features of our software are as follows:
1. Supporting warehouse - accepting, releasing, reporting and sending them as various files compatible with, for instance, SAP,
2. Keeping warehouse on-line records for their customers,
3. Introducing customised features,
4. Supporting warehouse readers,
5. Supporting WMS and others,
6. Possibility to generate GRNs from the file, e.g. PDF,
7. Possibility of remote controlling of selected features or the entire software.

Limitations of our software - it is your imaginations.

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