New racking systems for warehousing goods

To meet the expectations of the market, the works on modern racking systems have been commenced. This solution introduces new standards for the next many years.
The result of the works are two systems submitted to the Patent Office and identified under the following application numbers: P.418251 and P.418252.

1. The most favourable ratio of the warehousing area used to the transit route area,
2. Very large and fast availability to each pallet unit,
3. Less wear of forklifts,
4. Possibility to operate racking units with the majority of platform trolleys,
5. There is no need to install guiding rails,
6. Excellent compatibility with WMS, RFID systems and many more,
7. Quick and easy inventory of products,
8. The system is perfect for storing LCL goods as well as entire pallets with goods.

Currently, the works over a racking unit prototype are carried out - we encourage you to submit orders and follow information about the project.



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